Я хочу, чтобы этот мир стал чуточку добрее.
Сегодня меня подвёз мой коллега с работы. Во время поездки, из динамиков в салоне играл трек, я слышал его раньше, но как-то забыл о нём.
Трек показался божественным.
Слушайте и читайте дальше:

На момент прослушивания я и понятия не имел, о чём "песня". Нравился ритм, бит и охуеннейшее сочитание музыки и слов.

Мы ехали и обсуждали гиперактивность, в том числе детскую. Оказалось, коллега имеет педагогическое образование и работал в школе №751(я её закончил) кем-то вроде психолога.
Ночью, сёрфя просторы инета, я ввёл в googl слово "sail". Первая же ссылка привела меня на youtube и официальное видео Sail.
Посмотрев видеоряд и в который раз насладившись музыкой, я так и остался без понятия, о чём же это.
google -> sail lyrics

This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because
I blame it on my A.D.D. baby

This is how an angel cries
I blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby


Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby

Maybe I'm a different breed
Maybe I'm not listening
So blame it on my A.D.D. baby


La la la la la la oh!

La la la la la la oh!


Sail with me into the dark (x3)

Sail with me, sail with me
Ну, слова прочитал, а смысла всеравно не понимаю. Sail - парИть. И что такое ADD не ясно.

google -> sail lyrics meaning

опять же первый результат привёл меня к посту и понимаю, что такое ADD
Вряд ли вы будете это читать, но всё же копипастну под море:
[This territory has already been covered fairly well, but only in posts buried within two or three reply strata, and never in this much detail. Regardless, check out StarBar's interpretation and especially the replies beneath it.]

As someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD, I identify strongly with this song. I spent about 25 minutes listening to it on repeat in my car and crying today. This may seem like a surprising reaction, because to anyone who hasn't had to deal with it, ‘blame it on my ADD’ may seem like a joke. It's not. Let me explain why this song breaks my heart.

ADHD is a condition that can put a huge strain on relationships. I've had many conversations with friends, girlfriends, and family members trying to explain to them that a failure of mine to remember something important to them, or to follow through on some promise was not a personal insult to them. It's nigh impossible to explain to someone that merely ‘trying harder’ isn't enough for you to get your shit in order, and it's harder still to do give such an explanation without sounding like you're excusing yourself. The hardest part of coping with my ADHD, besides my more private personal failures, has been trying to convince loved ones that I do in fact love and respect them. Nothing hurts more than the accusation that you don't care, that you're not trying, that you don't respect someone you love and admire. The clincher is that when such accusations are thrown in your face, the accuser is hurting themselves, and it takes a person of immense character to listen sincerely to any explanation of your behavior or motivations when they are in pain even as they listen.

The next hardest thing, for me, about dealing with ADHD has been its effect on my identity. When you've got your Ph.D. psychologist and your M.D. psychiatrist, both of whom you know have your best interest at heart, telling you with the force of all their qualifications that you and the world are better off when you are in an altered state, the entire notion of ‘sobriety’ shatters. All of a sudden, I'm being told about scientific studies that show me I'm less likely to kill people on the road when I'm under the influence of a drug that makes me feel like someone other than myself. I remember one of the saddest moments I ever had was when my then-girlfriend told me that she liked me better when I was medicated. I know that she didn't mean it as such, but it felt like a flat rejection of the essential ‘me’. I will always remember that.

The most regrettable feature of myself is that I tend toward wasted potential. I've been told I was smart ever since I was a little kid. I've always tested extraordinarily well, and when I've had interesting and substantive coursework, I've performed well in school. But my record, in school and at work, is marred by an ocean's worth of tardiness, misplaced work, forgotten dates, and unfulfilled promises. I've had to take the long way around in my life many times. I feel like I could be ruling the world by now, if only I didn't always seem to come up ‘a day late and a dollar short’, as they say. This too, is difficult to explain to people. I've sometimes felt like my performance can be decided as accurately by a coin toss as it can by the difficulty of my task.

Because ADHD symptoms are all self-reported, most diagnoses and sometimes even the designation itself are held to be unreliable and possibly bogus. ADHD isn't something I can just tell someone about without being prepared to get into a long discussion about personal responsibility, psychological research methods, psychiatric treatment, and identity. These existential difficulties inspired by the diagnosis and medical treatment of ADHD (and many other maladaptive mental conditions) conspire along with repeated failures to induce one to ask the question of suicide. At my worst, I have absolutely felt like a ‘different breed’, and the contemplation of suicide is a natural response to that. Sometimes I feel like the world was just built for a different type of human; the things I am good at are not the things the world wants, and the things the world demands are not the things I am good at. I can't be a good person if I don't keep my promises. I can't be a good friend if I can't support myself in long enough spurts to support others in turn. I can't do either of those things if I keep forgetting and losing and failing.

Feeling utterly doomed not because of what I've done, who I'm with, or what has happened to me, but rather because of the (apparent) fact that who I am is fundamentally broken is the most hopeless I've ever been. And the task of understanding seems too much for those who don't struggle with the same things. So we give up. We surrender to a terse explanation that sounds like an excuse; we trivialize, we summarize: just blame it on my ADD, baby. Whatever the fuck that means. Then inadequate as we and our excuses may be, we move on — we blow away. Sail.

It seems strange to me to be as confident as I am about the significance of a song whose lyrics are so few, and at first appear so vague. But knowing what it is to ‘live with ADHD’, I can hardly imagine this song meaning anything else.
Read more at http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858849791/#usVHBhFq0P5FSbCo.99

ADD/ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) = СДВГ(Синдром Дефицита Внимания и Гиперактивности).
Собственно то, о чём мы беседовали с Алексеем в машине...

Большая часть симптомов у меня была в детстве и сейчас присутвтует.
А трэк всё же охуенен, даже если у вас нет СДВГ.

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@темы: СДВГ

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Я хочу, чтобы этот мир стал чуточку добрее.

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Леской всплесков тащу из майи-омута людского леса извиняющегося беса.
Бог с ним что песня намекает на суициды как на выход из заточения [цивилизации, города] , слава богу что уже как бы целый народ самовольный существет, но то что этот синдром диагностируют как конвейером, и глушат сильными убойными веществами - вот это в самом деле страшно.

Желаю всем кто эти проблемки испытывал, крепости и здорового пофигизма.


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